Eli + Heather, a husband and wife team we are passionate about our art & photography! We have been married 15 years and now enjoy working together as a team capturing YOUR big day. We can be silly, serious, fun and more than likely will bust a move together on your dance floor… camera in hand! 😉

Our style is: artistic, timeless and genuine.

We are inspired by emotion, colors, beautiful lighting and movement.  We love what we do, we put heart and soul into our work and care deeply about the quality we offer.

Heather often jokes that the creative side of her brain  must be the only part that works  math, science… etc. never came easy to her in school. However, she can turn a piece of trash into art and dreams in full color! She is an artist  her favorite mediums for expressing her art are photography & painting.

Eli is the calm & the business savy manager that keeps things running smoothly. Favorite wedding moments include hanging out with the groomsmen and capturing those emotional & real moments in a photo journalistic style.

We each a different eye but similar style together as a team we work magic. We use both natural light and studio lighting.


We are located in Snohomish, WA and have 3 precious children who also love painting & coloring at moms side… and on the house. We are crazy bird people, we have two crazy feathered kids (harlequin macaws) who keep our life colorful and noisy at times! 😉


When we are not working you can almost always find us out exploring with camera in hand!

Our desire is to use our talents to create art and photos that inspire those who see them. We know that our clients are all unique and we make it our goal to get to know YOU and makes you click.

We want to know your story, what makes you smile, and what inspires you; as it’s our clients stories that inspire our images.

Afterall, the greatest Story is your own!

Heather & Eli Hurzeler

*** We keep our passports current and LOVE to travel and are always up for any adventure & location!

Hilo, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii • and surrounding areas • and world wide!


Eli & Heather Hurzeler | Hurzeler Photography